The showSkyMasters

The UK's most exciting climbing competition 
WOW, It's back and even more intense. The unique SkyMasters climbing wall (or should we say, floating ceiling) is suspended from the NEC rafters, and forms an entirely overhanging route. Climbers have to scramble across immensely challenging obstacles to reach the finish in the quickest time. The races will be on Saturday and Sunday so don't forget to look up.
"A climber's dream come true"
                                                                        Adrian Baxter 

Adrian Baxter

A super-pro, we catch up with SkyMasters competitor Adrian to get the low down on everything from his scariest moment to his favourite flavour of crisps!


This year climbers will start at the same time and race across overhangs, rotating barrels and stalactites. They will start at the same time, and scramble across identical obstacles suspended from the ceiling to try and get to the finish first.

SkyMasters 2008 - it was epic!


Your favourite climbing mag sponsors the event and will be swinging in to get the low down on the best new talent

Tim Emmett

One of the World's top climbers, Tim is a household name for racing (and beating!) Jeremy Clarkson up the Gorge du Verdon, France on Top Gear will be climbing and on hand to offer tips to the competitors

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