Run by, coLAB is an annual competition to find the best inventors of next year’s must have outdoors kit.

This year there were hundreds of weird and wonderful entries, and after much deliberation nine lucky finalists have been selected to display their inventions at The Ordnance Survey Outdoors Show 2009. Whoever you decide has created the best product wins £250 of goodies and the opportunity to put it into production.


A better climbing shoe - Ian Cornwell
A climbing shoe bringing together several existing technologies to make a better climbing shoe.
This climbing shoe can provide a very tight fitting and rigid shoe that will stand on tiny pebbles and support the foot. Alternatively the dial can be turned releasing the support to give a flexible shoe which is excellent for smearing and improving comfort.

The Nest – Liz Asquith
The Nest is a sleep system aimed at making life a little easier for those camping with young children and making camping more fun for the children themselves. This mini tent is deployed inside a larger tent dimming ambient light, muffling sound and keeping midges at bay. It comes fully equipped with mattress, quilt and lighting system.


SOS Sleep Mat –  Simon Masters
An emergency aid that utilises a previously unused part of an existing product.
SOS or other internationally recognised emergency symbols are printed on the reverse of a sleeping mat to produce a great safety feature on an item that someone would already be carrying.

Briquette – Yu Ting Yau
A cooking device that utilises traditional charcoal heating and cutting edge insulating devices. The device heats up liquids using charcoal sticks and keeps them warm using high tech Aero Gel.

JamulatorJamulator – Liz Asquith

A crack simulator that can be changed as regularly as every other hold in a climbing gym.
The Jamulator takes a different approach: rather than having a permanently fitted crack, there is a fitted channel into which specially shaped sections can be bolted in the same way as holds are normally installed on the rest of the wall.



Bio Endurance – Shekina Tsotetsi
An emergency signalling and life prolonging garment, it incorporates class leading technologies and materials to form a suit capable of protecting the user.
Almost every eventuality is covered with this suit from avalanche protection to emergency nutrition.


squeeze box

Squeeze Box – Kevin Beeden
The Squeezebox Stove is a lightweight replacement for the heavy fully integrated cooking systems and is used as both pan support and windshield. Made from a single component it not only saves weight but increases fuel efficiency and reduces burn time.


Segmented drybags – Peter Boyle
A range of drybags featuring internal and external pockets for organising and water proofing kit. Dry bags with a clever twist; a single waterproof bag with several components allow both dry and wet items to be stored safely together.

torchWhite-out torch – John Martin
A torch to make it safer, easier and less disorientating when navigating in a white-out; especially when moving over irregular terrain.   
An array of 'diffracted' lasers project horizontal lines onto the snow. This gives the user a reference point and reduces spine jarring stumbling! A second vertical laser can be used to indicate the direction of the bearing being followed.


Become an official Alpkit tester

As part of the coLAB project, Alpkit produces it's own 'home baked' projects throughout the year.

In order to encourage your feedback Alpkit will offer these at special coLAB prices. To qualify all you need to do is create a profile in the coLAB Forums.

The latest product release is Jeanius - Jeans with a difference

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2009 Speakers announced

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Leo Houlding, Tim Emmett and Catherine Destivelle are just few of the top names who'll be speaking at the show

Adventure films

The Reel Adventure Diaries (TRAD) Film Competition saw hundreds of budding film enthusiasts submit their own outdoor videos in order to bag the ultimate prize of filming an adventure with a top, extreme athlete.

Bring your old boots

Got some old jackets and boots left unloved at the bottom of your cupboard? Why not enjoy a goodwill buzz by donating it to charity. Oxfam will be collecting all your old garb at the show for its Fabric4Life campaign.