Winter Sports Insurance

If you intend to ski or snowboard at any time during the period of your holiday insurance you must select the Winter Sports option. Our Annual Travel Insurance provides 21 days ski per year.

What's Included in our Ski Insurance?

Our comprehensive Ski Insurance covers all skiing and snowboarding on and off-piste, please referrer to the list above for specific cover. Always read the Policy Wording to ensure you are happy with the terms and conditions of our policy.

Our Skiing cover includes:

  • Off Piste Skiing or Snowboarding except in areas designated as unsafe by local resort management unless accompanied by a locally qualified guide
  • Winter sports cover with Grade 2 level sports cover gives you off piste ski cover without a guide as long as you are within the patrolled ski boundaries of the mountain or resort as standard.
  • Guided Cross Country Skiing (Nordic Skiing)
  • Glacier Skiing
  • Mono Skiing
  • Recreational Racing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snow Sledging