Help & FAQs

What is the situation if I discover I am pregnant before travelling?

You will need to contact AXA's Medical Screening telephone number is 08700 662732.

What is the maximum length of any one trip I can take on an annual multi-trip policy?

The maximum days per trip on an Annual policy is 45 days.

Can people with an annual multi trip travel independently?

Yes people can travel independently on an annual but it is a child they will need to be with adults at all times for example they might be going away with a friend and their family or grandparents.

I have bought a policy but now wish to change my details or cover.

To change any details on a policy you will need to contact us on 0845 803 5434. If you need to change travel dates on a single trip policy such as you are going for longer you can't have already travelled on it or already be away.

What do I do if I am travelling with valuables?

Valuables such as jewellery or a camera should be kept with you at all times and not left unattended or in an unlocked area. Valuables should be kept in a locked safe if they are in a hotel room and a safe is available. Any valuables left unattended and then stolen will not be able to be claimed for.

Can I cancel my travel insurance?

As long as you haven't travelled on it or are making a claim all our policies can be cancelled within 14 days of you booking it.