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29 January 2009, I'm back

I'm back in the UK 10kgs lighter and pretty exhausted. It's a long trek from the base of Aconcagua to civilisation and we were carrying all our supplies without a guide or porter.

Good news is that I've got loads of pictures and will be up loading them shortly.

Even better news. China looks ready to let people on summit Everest from the North again, so fingers crossed I'm heading back out to the mountains in April.


21 January 2009, Successful summit

One team made it to the summit of Aconcagua, (Amercia's highest peak at 6962m). We're all back at Camp 1 and are absolutely exhausted. One of my team was having trouble breathing in the morning so unfortunately we couldn't summit - yet again Aconcagua alludes me. We've now got to wait for the ice and snow to melt before we start the six hour trek back down to Base Camp. 

This trip we haven't taken any local guides or porters so we've had to carry all our equipment and rations. I've not eaten for 36 hours so can't wait to tuck into something hearty and get some rest.

Should hopefully be back in civilisation by 6 February.

Till then,




9 January 2009,  Journey to America's highest peak

We're at the Hostel Indepencia in Indepecncia Sqaure, Mendoza, Aregentina.  From here it's around a 74 hours drive to the place we sort our kit for the last t¡me before loading the bulk onto Mules which will carry to base camp.  The trek will take around three days and will be through tough, almost desert like terrain with temperatures in excess of 30°C.
Once at Base Camp we will spend three days preparing our camp, eating and drinking loads. On the second day we will have a jaunt up to camp 1 to carry some kit before returning to base camp for a day's rest.
After this we will head off up the mountain saying at Camp 1 for one day, then we'll go up to Camp 2 where we will spend a couple of nights. If all is well we will move up to Camp 3 where we will spend as long as three of four days before making out for the summit.
This will be long day as we have 1,000m of ascending from Camp 3. If my two companions feel a little tired we may even descend to Camp 2 for a rest before moving back up.
I am told the weather is not very good so we will have our work cut out but hey....that´s the name of the game.
If all goes well my prediction is for a return to Mendoza on or around the 26th.