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Choy Oyu - John Pomfret

John Promfret is a mountaineering fanatic. Nothing will stop him heading for the world's highest peak, not even losing four toes to frostbite after summiting Everest in May 2006. 

Born and raised in Grimsby, Lincolnshire he grew up playing every sport he that came his way until just before his sixteenth birthday when he joined the Royal Engineers Junior Leaders Regiment in Kent just. After three years of army life John headed back north to Grimsby to play rugby and start work as a builder.

Obviously the rough and tumble of rugby wasn’t quite challenging, or cold, enough for John and in his late twenties the mountaineer career began.

“I got into rock climbing in the summer months and it progressed from there” says John.

John Pomfret Everest o6By 35 he’d conquered his first international summit and hasn’t stopped climbing since. He now runs trips  to Aconcagua, Annapurna, Everest and Kilimanjaro for local teenagers.

John Pomfret's toes


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Photos from top: John summit's Cho Oyu, Tibet September 2004. John Summit's Everest May 2006, and gets frostbite. John's toes, click here for the gruesome pics and his account of "living with frostbite".