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TriLive DuathlonThe TriLive Duathlon


The Tri Live Duathlon is a new and unique event which provides a fantastic opportunity with which to start the triathlon season for all abilities from complete novice to experienced competitor.

If your goal is to complete your first triathlon in 2010 then the run-bike-run duathlon is the perfect forerunner to it so you are experiencing two thirds of the triathlon challenge but without the wet bit.

If you are a bit more experienced then you'll take part alongside similar competitors.

And for the serious athlete there will be a head to head elite race.

Fun Event 1.25k run - 10 km Cycle - 2.5 km Run
Main Event 2.5k run - 20 km Cycle - 5 km Run
Relay 2.5k run - 20 km Cycle - 5 km Run

Sign up and find more information on the TriLive Duathlon microsite

*The first 1000 entries only will receive a free ticket for the show. Sign up now and don't be disappointed!

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