Wilderness Camp

Bushcraft MagazineFor the 5th consecutive year Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine will be bringing you the Wilderness Camp. Last years camp was BURSTING with activity and 2010's will be even better!

Try your hand at firelighting, learn about tracking from the experts, see an axe forged and find out about the latest bushcraft products.

The Wilderness Camp will have several elements to it:

Wilderness CampDesert

Home of the tracking activities, this area throws you into the middle of the Sahara (minus the climate). Decked out in sand, with tumble weed, skulls and cacti completing the feel. Here visitors can learn about tracking, make tracks in the pit with animal feet and casts, and take part in tracking competitions around the stand. On top of all this, we will have demos and talks taking place, including a 'Fashion Show' featuring clothes for hot climates.


The Arctic area brings the chill to the NEC. Featuring an igloo, ice fishing pool, pine trees and 'snow' on the floor you won't feel to far from the Arctic circle. Again, there will be a 'Fashion Show' featuring clothes for cold climates, as well as range of craft activities such as wood carving, making a spoon and Kuska and fish preparation brought to you by our experts.


The woodland scene epitomises the typical UK setting for bushcraft. Activities here will include firelighting, another 'Fashion Show'(featuring clothes suitable for country pursuits), shelter building and preparing (skinning etc) a rabbit which will be cooked by Fergus Drennan - The Road Kill Chef and Woodland Forager.

The Wilderness Stage

Bushcraft experts Ian Maxwell, the worlds best animal tracker and Tristan Gooley, an expert in natural navigation will be giving talks at the show. When not staging talks or demos the stage area will be hosting various activities including animal face painting for children.

Check out The Widerness Camp timetable here!

Show details and content are subject to change. Ticket refunds are not available as a result.

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