Skymasters 2010

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The SkyMasters 2010 - Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March at The Outdoors Show

Route setters: Steve McClure and Percy Bishton
Commentator: Mike Weeks

WOW, The SkyMasters returned and it couldn't have been any more exciting. The competition saw Elite level climbers go head to head in the UK's most exciting climbing competition. The unique SkyMasters climbing wall (or should we say, floating ceiling) was suspended from the NEC rafters, forming an entirely overhanging route. Climbers had to scramble across immensely challenging obstacles to reach the finish before their opponent.

The competition had a strong field including both British and European based climbers. Saturday was qualifying day and each competitor climbed twice, with their combined time deciding who would qualify for the head to head climb-offs on the Sunday.

16 men and 8 women got through to Sunday's event, and the speed increased to a lightning pace.

The winners were: Shauna Coxsey and Robert McKenzie.


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  • Bruce Marsh
  • Dan Bradley
  • James Garden
  • Nicolas Durand
  • Jordan Buys
  • Adam Watson
  • Rob Lamey
  • Mark Croxall
  • Dave Barrans
  • Adrian Baxter
  • Drew Haigh
  • Gareth Parry
  • Gav Symonds
  • Rob Haigh
  • Tim Lloyd
  • Jonathan Partridge
  • Adam Hocking
  • Peter Duffin
  • Jarno Ziebel
  • Benjamin Coup
  • Nick Moulden
  • Mike Langley
  • Adam Jeeworth
  • Peter Whittaker
  • Dan Walker
  • Luke Tilley
  • Edward Hammer
  • Jack Geldard
  • Robert Mackenzie
  • Ben Read
  • Ed Ratcliffe


  • Ellie Howard
  • Natalie Berry
  • Katherine Mills
  • Shauna Coxey
  • Danie Rushmer
  • Audrey Seguy
  • Hazel Findlay
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Naomi Buys
  • Annika Frodi Lundgren
  • Diane Merrick
  • Gill Peet
  • Holly Rees
  • Helen Shilleto
  • Katy Piddock
  • Susie Zitter
  • Kitty Wallace
  • Alice Waterhouse
  • Kate Forrester

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