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Cicerone are publishers of over 250 award-winning guidebooks for walking, trekking, climbing and mountaineering, cycle touring and hill and mountain skills. Providing inspiration and excellent information to help you enjoy your next adventure!

The Cicerone Walking stage saw Cicerone experts talking and discussing (with you!) a variety of interesting topics; from navigation to amazing routes and areas waiting to be explored across the UK and Europe.

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Kev Reynolds

Paddy Dillon

Pete Hawkins

Rachel Crolla and Carl McKeating

Helen Turton

Special guest Helen Turton, Project Manager on the recent Kapersky Antarctic Expedition and Expedition Manager at Bull Precision Expeditions, was talking about how you can get involved in your very own polar expedition.

Helen, pictured left, has done North and South Pole last degree expeditions and has crossed Greenland.

Walk Awards presented by Simon King

Ramblers Magazine Walk announced the winners of the Walk Reader Awards at The Outdoors Show.

The awards, presented by Simon King, took place on Friday 26th March on the Cicerone Walking Stage.




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