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The Sports Clinic

Injury assessment and treatment from qualified sports rehabilitators.

Staying injury free is key to performing to the best of your ability. Top athletes receive exceptional levels of care; this is your opportunity to have much of the same.

Expert Speakers

Get advice from experts in the fields of nutrition, coaching and training.


See the full timetable here

One on One Consultations

London Triathlon Coach Ralph Hydes will be on hand to assist everyone, from starter to experienced triathlete.

Get personal advice on anything you want; from nutritional diet plans to indepth training programs.

In the mean time, follow Ralph's excellent blog here.

Participation Events

Take part in any of our three events; The TriLive Duathlon, The Outdoors 100 Bike Ride or The Outdoors Show Run. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced athlete, there is something for everyone to get involved with!

Plus all competitors gain free entry to the show!

Core Triathlon Brands

Like Golfers, Tennis players and Sprinters; Triathletes benefit massively from having the best and most technologically advanced gear and equipment.

Come down, receive the best advice and pick up some of the latest gear for yourself.

Improve your performance at TriLive 2010.

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